You are always ‘’on’’ and you don’t miss any phone calls

Run and listen to music without the cables hitting you on every step

What is TWISTEAR all about


Tangled earphones, again? The time spent pouring over the knots, the energy and nerves wasted, missed phone calls… Sounds familiar? The market still doesn’t have a solution. This is where we come in.

The revolutionary new solution is presented by Twistear retractable headsets, which contain an innovative dual self-winding system with excellent contacts to provide a smooth voice transfer.

Twistear earphones cable can be set separately on the headphones side or on the connection side. This means you can always achieve the perfect position regardless of your activity. The case can be positioned precisely where you want it to be and no loose cables will be obstructing your activities ever again. It’s the tangle-free way.

Twistear headsets offer a completely new user experience

Business people 

  • You are always ‘’on’’ and you don’t miss any phone calls that are crucial for your business.
  • Make your calls discretely. By having Twistear headsets attached to the inner pocket of your suit you can make it invisible but visible exactly when you need it. You can use the headsets by simply pulling the cables out of the case. When you finish with your calls, you press the button and you are ready for your next task.


  • Run and listen to music without the cables hitting you on every step.
  • Ride your bike with virtually no chance of getting obstructed by your headphone cables.
  • Be able to perfectly adjust your headsets and enjoy doing your favourite sport to the maximum



  • Discover new places with headsets that are totally flexible and tangle-free.
  • Not needing any extra space to store your headsets.
  • Store your headsets away easily when you don’t need them and access them without any problems when you do.

Everyone else  

  • Lose no time with untangling and positioning your headset’s cables.
  • Play with your children and be able to answer your phone call immediately and without any stress because of the tangled headsets.
  • Walk your dog without hassle of having to untangle your headsets from the leash of your dog.



Twistear will make your life more simple and safe

Twistear headsets are going to change the way you use headphones. The biggest innovation lies in the Twistear case – it’s our patented dual self-winding system.

It allows you to set the length of the cables of the Twistear headsets independently. Sounds complicated? It’s really not. You can retract and extend the cables of the headphones part and the connection part separately with a button on each side. With the dual self-winding system you can always achieve the perfect position of the headsets regardless of your activity.


What's new?

Twistear are not the first retractable headsets on the market, but they are certainly the most innovative and easiest to use. They have a new, patented (Pub. No.: US 2015/0034752 A1) dual self-winding retractable device. It consists of two mutually independent winding reels with gears and each reel enables for one part (the plug-in or the speakers part) to be wound/unwound. Both winding reels are inserted into a housing case to enable a reliable contact between the built-in discs and to ensure a proper electric contact of both headphone cord parts. Experience the invention on your own.

Headsets are old – I want to have Bluetooth!

Twistear have many advantages: they are simple to use, technologically perfected and prevent potential radiation. They are also very reliable, with cool design. They will make your life simpler. Millions of people still prefer headsets to other devices and Twistear are the best headsets on the market.

I’m worried that Twistear is too big!

We guarantee that they are not. You won’t even notice the Twistear device when you use it. Even better: the Twistear can be personalized. You can tailor your Twistear device to your style and preferences. Be inventive, show your personality. It’s just like clothing: Twistear is not a uniform.

  • Youths: let the Twistear be your statement. Everyone will hear it.
  • Professionals: you use headphones anyway. Put your logo on Twistear.
  • Sportsman: use the Twistear as your marketing device.




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